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After a final hearing in a Family Court case, the judge will issue an opinion. When a party is dissatisfied with the opinion and believes that the judge may have made an error of law or abused their judicial discretion there may be relief available from a higher court.  Perfecting an appeal requires lawyers to review the issues carefully, conduct research, write legal briefs to the Court, and present the case to the appellate court at oral argument.  Ms. Bleecker is an experienced appellate court attorney.  As a student at the South Carolina Law School, she was honored for her writing, research, and oral argument skills as a member of the South Carolina Law Review and Moot Court teams.  She is passionate about research and writing and she is a skilled advocate at oral argument.  Call Ms. Bleecker to help with your next appeal.

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The South Carolina Court of Appeals hears appeals from decisions made by the Family Court. A party may appeal a Family Court judge’s ruling on child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, restraining orders, or the award of attorney fees.  If a Family Court judge has abused his or her discretion or made an error of law, then the matter should be taken up to the Court of Appeals.